It's Not Paranoia When Its WordPress

27 September 2016


"But my site is too small to get hacked!"

You would not believe how many times I have heard those very words from my clients. And every time, I wince on the inside and pray the Fates are still smiling down on my client.

I am big on security. And privacy (more on that later).

Your Site Is A Target

No matter how small -- even if you don't store client data or take payments -- your site is at risk. Considering how long and painstaking cleanup is (and it is!), you don't want to take that chance.

Halloween may right around the corner, but I promise you, I'm not trying to throw jump scares at you.

However, I do want you to be aware of that there are legitimate threats to your site.

Please allow me a moment to be really blunt.

Hackers don't care about you. They don't care about your site. Or whether you're a big, fancy company or a shoestring site. Just like your average neighborhood burglar, they're digitally checking for which location has an open window or an unlocked door.

Beware of Digital Squatters

You may have no data worth stealing. That's okay: your site gets hits. And with some well-placed code, your site views become someone else's ad revenue.

Have you read the story of the guy who keeps finding things displaced in his home, only to discover that someone had been living in his attic for a year? It's like that. No direct harm but creepy and wrong on all levels.

Prevention is the Best Protection

Make sure that the doors and windows to your site are locked and your alarm system is enabled.

You don't want to find out one day there's some weird guy who's been eating your peanut butter by the spoon while you were asleep.


cat-in-a-tin-foil-hat by Jeff hall, Flickr

It's Not Paranoia When Its WordPress